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with wrky

Real-Time Visualisation

Today's data, today. Get insights in real-time to your personal dashboard.

Game-Changing Insights

By combining scientific measures with organisational HR data our platform provides you with unrivalled people insights.

Predictive Analytics

Sit back and relax, our algorithms will idenify what's going on, and let you know if you need to do anything.

Data-Driven Solutions

When its time to take action, Wrky provides you with evidence-based recommendations.

Optimised For

Human Resources and People Engagement.

Spending too much time with spreadsheets? Stuck analysing information? Trying to figure out data? Bored making presentations? Wondering how to increase engagement? Can't understand why high performers are leaving? Need to drive people KPIs? Need to link People KPIs to Business KPIs?


Built For

Managers and Leadership.

Drive people engagement, understand what's working and what's not and optimise your people's experience and performance.


Tech for Good

Coming from the Department of Psychology at Dublin City University we believe technology can make peoples' work lives better, and we achieve this through sticking to core value principles across best practice scientific and ethical guidelines for psychometrics, data security / privacy and ethical AI

Built by Behavioural, Computer and Data Scientists from Dublin City University, wrky is a data rocketship packed with features to make your world better

Data with Meaning

At the core of wrky is data quality. Run our standardised scientifically informed wrky surveys or ask anyone, any question at anytime using our state-of-the-art survey generator

Inclusivity by Design

Built with inclusivity and equality at its core, wrky's on-the-go feedback chatbot empowers your employees to have their say and shape their workplace

Mobile Optimised

Personalised, gamified, secure and easy-to-use. Ideal for frontline workers or customer facing roles where on-the-go data is mission critical

Awesome Dashboards

Real-time personalised dashboards means you get data and mission critical insights now, not when it's too late

Data Visualisation

Simple, elegant and powerful data visualisation methods, enables you to track, monitor trends and learn from events

Super-Charged Analytics

Find out the drivers of engagement or predict turnover issues; wrky works behind the scenes and supercharge your data insights

People and Business KPIs Powered by Science

Evidence-Based People Management

Our team of PhDs in Psychology and Data Science use peer review literature to design and develop psychometrics and evidence-based solutions.

We go beyond simple survey design to bring you intervention science and real-time data visualisation, a way to test what’s working and what’s not now, so you can increase engagement and nudge your people toward those key business KPIs


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